Monthly Archives: September 2008

I made you a cookie…

[[image media/matchacookies1.jpg align=”right” style=”padding-left: 20px;”]]…well, it’s a whole bunch of cookies actually.

I’ve been meaning to try out [ Kelli’s omnipresent Matcha Shortcake recipe] for a long time now – and since they are supposed to have a nice green color, I said to myself: “Hey! Why not make Midori shortbread?”

Of course, being the lazy person that I am, I didn’t feel like making a paper stencils and cutting out each cookie with a knife. Instead, I made a [ cookie cutter out of aluminium]. Since I couldn’t get an aluminium strip, I had to “cut” one from a bigger aluminium sheet with only a hammer and a screwdriver…
After half an hour of hammering and bending I finally got the piece I wanted. And so the tedious task of shaping it began. One and a half hour later I had a cookie cutter I was more or less content with.
Well, long story short: Making a cookie cutter is not as easy, as one might think, but it still beats using a paper stencil.

Now I could finally move on to the more relaxing part of the project: Making the shortbread. The cookie cutter worked as good as I had hoped and really sped up the process. So after not too long a time, I was tasting my freshly baked Midori matcha shortbread. It turned out really well with the sugar coating providing an excellent contrast to the slightly bitter flavour of the matcha. I’ll definitely make those again!