Fast and fervent follow up

This is a rather early follow up release, mainly early because of GIO issues that were rather hard to reproduce and made Midori unusable for some users. Also waf was updated because the previous version wouldn’t build on OpenBSD.

Two new features, so it’s also worth a look for those who were not affected by the above issues: if you hide the statusbar Midori will now show the loading progress inside the location entry. Also typing an address in the location and pressing Alt + Enter will open the address in a new tab.

So [ download midori v0.0.21] already!

10 thoughts on “Fast and fervent follow up

  1. rexford

    Im getting this error when i run the ./waf configure at the terminal. Where do i locate the gio package??
    Package gio-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.

  2. mike

    didnt know where else to go with this, but have you all seen Fluid for OSX

    Midori is in a unique position to offer some similar functionality for the Linux community with webkit. A lightweight webapp!

    I use prism now but its lacking in several areas, and webkit is an intriguing and seemingly superior backend to gecko.

  3. tresh

    This is a feature request for the futur :
    Could you add a fonction to disable / enable stylesheet in a webpage ?
    An option to bind a key for this fonction would be just great. :]

  4. kalikiana

    There is an open bug report about bookmarks [1], currently the panel is the only place that always shows the bookmarks as they are, while in the toolbar or the menubar you may not see additions or changes even though your bookmark is saved.

    As for downloading, that is planned, hopefully based on a feature WebKit is going to provide. The same goes for spell checking.


  5. William

    Midori is great!
    I am using 0.0.21 and when I make a bookmark I get the ‘New bookmark’ window come up asking for title etc, but when I click ‘Add’ the window goe’s away and it has not added the bookmark.

    P.S a built in Download Manager and Spell Checker would be great! :)

  6. romance

    Thanks for your great work witn midori .
    i ahave installed midori 20 and upgarded to 21 but it still crash in some site and one of them is this site and midori give me this meassge
    “Segmentation fault” in the terminal

    i am xubuntu 8.041 user

  7. Andy

    Hi again -
    Ah – that will be what I saw then! (the placeholder). Ok – I’ll get into some CSS then… :) Thanks very much!
    - Andy

  8. kalikiana

    In fact there never was an option for that, there used to be a placeholder, though. I suggest you use stylesheets for this kind of tweaks, that is more flexible anyway.

  9. Andy

    Hi Christian!

    **Great** work with Midori! Thank you very much for doing it!

    One thing I’m wondering – I’m using Midori 0.0.20, and I think there used to be an option to set the colours of the page background. That seems to have gone now (in 0.0.20 anyway), so is it still possible to do that? I’m very keen to have that option – that is the only thing missing, imo. Everything else is perfect!
    Keep up the great work! :)
    - Andy

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