About time for Midori 0.0.19

While there wasn’t much to hear about Midori from my side lately, the development is going better than ever. The bug tracker is doing a good job managing bugs that were previously shared over IRC and e-mail. Poking me directly for bugs is still great and I don’t mind it, but having bugs publicly visible at the same time obviously makes it easier for others to help out and track development. And in fact, the number of contributors is increasing. Special thanks to Arnaud and Dale here, who tackled non-trivial tasks.

Now about the new release, Midori 0.0.19. People like to ask, whether building from git is worth it. And the answer is, lately it was a remarkable difference, but of course it can break once in a while, that’s always the risk. As for the features, we have better Greasemonkey compatibility with userscripts, Midori has a logo, you can zoom, you can see source code of websites (if you have GIO), you can see favicons (again, GIO required atm), there is the fancy new location entry which isn’t finished but coming along promising and sessions are finally saved during runtime, so even if Midori passes away, it will remember your tabs. Oh, and support for multiple windows is much better, even though only the first window’s tabs can be saved currently. Oh, and as a bonus, Midori applies a trick to make selected text in web pages work with the primary clipboard until it’s fixed for good in WebKit.

So [http://www.twotoasts.de/media/midori/midori-0.0.19.tar.bz2 download midori v0.0.19] already!

5 thoughts on “About time for Midori 0.0.19

  1. Stemp

    As usual things are moving on the webkit and midori front. Webkit : I updated my ppa to nightly build r36641. I also change the names of the package to match the Debian naming scheme. So now it’s libwebkit-1.0-1, libwebkit-1.0-1-dbg and libwebkit…

  2. Jean Guillou

    I discovered Midori witn 0.0.18, and i really like it. I have just installed your latest release, and…problem :
    I can use it but when i try to go to any location on the net, “segmentation fault”…I’m on Debian Lenny.


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