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During the last few days I was working on the website for a change. In fact my dear Nancy was doing the lion share of this work. She even made a new Catfish logo on the way. Afterall we are going to share this new site, for programs I work on and artwork Nancy will publish here. The URL moved from to the toplevel The old file links should silently redirect, including downloads, screenshots and git repository. The sub pages have changed but will all lead to the homepage now, which shouldn’t be a problem. Of course I recommend everyone to update your links and bookmarks to now.

4 thoughts on “New website

  1. kalikiana

    > – Choice to accept or reject cookies

    My hands are tied until WebKit provides an interface for that. Sadly there has hardly been API additions in months.

    > – Subfolders in the bookmarks

    Principally supported if you *have* bookmark folders but there’s no way to modify much from Midori’s interface. Try to be patient.

    > – Restaurating the session (open pages) if
    > the browser or computer crashes.

    Set ‘Load on startup’ to ‘Last open pages’ (‘Charger au démarrage’ á ‘Dernières pages ouvertes’ en français).

    As for translations, the preferences are completely localized in French in the git repository. Et no, moi je prefère la toile au pendant anglais. 🙂

  2. Calimero

    I was amazed by the lightness of Midori !

    For me, three features are leaking :

    – Choice to accept or reject cookies

    – Subfolders in the bookmarks

    – Restaurating the session (open pages) if the browser or computer crashes.

    And Some french translations of the settings leak. (plus, “web” should replace “toile”)

    Very good work, I now only use midori !!

  3. Michaël Silvestre

    Salut, j’ai compilé il y a peu de temps Webkit, car après m’être intéressé à safari de plus près, je trouvais qu’il manquait un véritable interface utilisant Webkit qui pourrait me satisfaire au mieux. Voici qui est fait, votre travail est vraiment du beau travail, Je vous écris depuis minori et je pense que d’ici peu il deviendra mon navifateur numéro un sur linux vu les performances qu’il développe.
    Continuez comme ça et n’hésite pas à demander de l’aide dans tout ce qui est marketing/communication car en programmation je n’y connais absolument rien.
    Courage à vous…

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